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Pennine Premium Conveyor Chain

At the forefront of Glass Conveying

Pennine Industrial Equipment Limited have been involved in the manufacture and supply of `Silent` Inverted Tooth Conveyor Chains for the Glass Industry for over 30 years. During this time there have been ever increasing demands placed on the Glass Industry. Pennine have continued to improve our product range ensuring that we remain a market leader within the Glass Container Handling sector.

Our range of patented HPL`s (Head Protector Links) is a typical example of our willingness to work closely with the Hot End Engineers, with a view to improving our customers overall efficiency.

Pennine`s ‘PREMIUM’ Conveyor Chain has been especially developed to meet the ever increasing demands of the Glass Industry and can significantly improve the handling of:-

  • Bottles, Jars, Pharmaceutical and Perfume ware.
  • Stemware, Tableware and Drinking Glasses.
  • Pressed ware such as bowls, car lights and larger items such as glass bricks.

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